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1982-86 V45s & V65s

1987-88 SuperMagnas

1994-2003 VF750Cs

This web site is dedicated to all generations of Honda Magnas, and is focused on the western states. We hope to gradually add a lot of new features that will be valuable and useful for Magna & motorcycle enthusiasts. Memberships & profiles are free.

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We put together a couple of t-shirt with MAgna themes. So far one for Gen 1 and one for Gen 3. We may adda few more if you guys like these.

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   5 Passes & a Park - 2007's WCM 5 Day Summer Ride

5 Mountina Passes & A Natl. Park
We rode California's 5 Major Sierra mountian passes and Yosemite National Park in 5 awesome days.

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   The Spring Central Coast Ride Report from Apr 28 & 29, 07

The Highway 1 / PCH & Coastal Mountains
Our ride report from Cali's world famous Highway 1, PCH & Coastral Mountain ride

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   A Northern Cali Weekend Ride in Fall 2006
The Cali Clearlake Ride Report
We spent a weekend riding some great roads, seeing some cool scenic views and hanging out with other Magna enthusiasts on October 7 & 8. Riding the delta, wine country and and lake counties costal mountains.

Read Ride Report & View Photos

Highway 1 - Central Coast
NorCal Clearlake Ride
Scenic Oregon Ride
Forgotten Highway Expedition
WCM Julian Report & Photos
2004 MRA Western Rally
2004 Honda Superbike Classic

Group Ride Survey
3rd Gen Tire Survey

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