Group Ride & Events Survey

I know it looks long, but it should take less than 5 mintues.
We are only looking for your opinions and preferences - there are no right answers. By answering this simple survey you will help various organizers to plan better riding events. The more questions you answer, the more it will help us. At least that's our goal. You can also leave comments at the end.

We're mainly asking questions in reference to a "riding" event for a relatively smaller group of "similar" motorcycles (Magnas?). This is not about something like Sturgis or the Honda Hoot.


General Group Ride Questions
How do you feel about group rides:
My Favorite Riding
Done it, love it
Done it, it's okay occasionally
Done it, hate it
Never done it, plan to
Never done it, and I'm afraid to
Never done it, never want to
For group rides, I would prefer that you offer:
Single day rides once a month
Weekend / Long Weekend / Two Day Rides - a couple of times a year
Week Long / 5 Day Ride Experiences 1 time per year
We understand there are a lot of variables, and these three answers don't cover all the possibilities, but please, if you were limited to only one of these three choices, which would it be. You can make comments at the bottom.
Museums, National Parks, Shopping, Gambling, Tourist Things, Plain old sight seeing:
Love them, please stop a lot
Yea, they're good in moderation
Who cares, fill'er up and let's keep riding
Multi-Day Ride Questions
On a Mulit-day ride I would prefer:
Rally Style
1st Choice
2nd Choice
We'll define a Rally Style has as an event where rides are started from the same single base camp everyday. It means you can leave all your gear at the base camp each day.
An example is the MOOT Meet & Greet 4 [view]
Advantages: Don't have to ride with luggage and weight; no daily packing an unpacking; can move into the room; familiarity with the area; a more detailed experience of local area
Disadvantages: Possible lack of varying roads and scenery, all being similar (which may not be bad)
Loop Tour Style
1st Choice
2nd Choice
We'll define Loop Tour as an event where you ride to the next stop each day. Every night is spent in a different city and hotel. On the final day, the ride ends in the same city it started.
An example is the 2006 Oregon Scenic Ride [view]
Advantages: Wider variety of roads & scenery; easier to plan getting to and from event; experience larger portion of state or area
Disadvantages: Riding with luggage and extra weight; daily packing & unpacking; limited to one day in area
Tour Style
1st Choice
2nd Choice
We'll define a Tour as an event where you ride to the next stop each day. Every night is spent in a differnet city and hotel. In this version, the last day does not return to the beginning
An example is the 2005 Forgotten Highway Expedition [view]
Advantages: Wider variety of roads & scenery; experience larger portion of state or area
Disadvantages: Riding with luggage and extra weight; daily packing & unpacking; limited to one day in area; start or finish a longer distance from home
Combo Rally Tour
1st Choice
2nd Choice
This combines the aspects of event types listed above. You ride from a base camp for a couple of days, ride to a new base camp and ride for a couple of days. I may or may not return you to the original meetup spot on the last day.
An example is the 2004 MRA Western Rally - Tahoe/Yosemite [view]
Advantages: all previous apply in moderation; possibly best of both types
Disadvantages: all previous apply in moderation
For a multi-day rally/tour do you prefer:
Weekend Included In The Ride
An example is an organized 5 day ride from Wednesday to Sunday
Advantages: Possibly easier to schedule and less time off work.
Disadvantages: Traffic on the good roads during weekend, higher hotel/camping rates, time to get too and from the ride may eliminate advantages

Weekday Based Ride
An example is an organized 5 day ride from Monday to Friday
Advantages: Reduced traffic on good roads, weekends can be used to get to & from event, often weekday hotel/camping savings
Disadvantages: May required more time off work, possibly harder to schedule
What is your preferred number of hours in the saddle (actual riding time) on a ride day during a multi day ride?
I prefer, on average, hours of riding time per day (time includes required 10 minutes fuel stops)
These "ride" times do not include "extended" fuel stops, lunch, tourist stops, shopping, etc. These items would be added for a longer "overall" time. We just want to know how many hours to devote to the actual riding.
If the group ride was a single day ride (or two day ride):
I prefer the same number of hours as above
A little extra ride time would be good since it's only one day
A little less ride time
Riding Questions:
I won't go over the posted limit
A couple of miles an hour over doesn't bother me
What limit, go whatever speed is fun and comfortable
No passing
Pass when 100% legal and safe
Pass when safe
Road Types
Won't do itHate it but if I have too Just another roadLike themMy Favorite
Lonely Two Lane
Easy / Moderate Twisties
Harder Technical Twisties
Out Of The Saddle Questions:
After Ride Meals, Events and Evenings
I would like organized activities/meals (that are of course optional) - ie: meals, swimming, gambling, clubs
I prefer to arrange my own after ride activities
Meals, Generally
Cheaper is more important than Quality (McDonalds, Denny's, Road Side Mom & Pops)
Quality is more important than Cost (Steak Houses, Fish Joints, Good Italian, etc.)
Equal levels of Cost & Quality is best (Inexpensive sit down restaurants, avoid fast food)
Some Cheap and some Quality thrown into a mix
Hotels, Generally,
Cheaper is better (1 Star ie:Motel 6)
Mid Range is right (2 Star ie:Best Western, Super 8)
High End (3 Star ie:Courtyard, Comfort Suites)
Camping, Generally,
I prefer it
If it's what everyone else is doing
Not a chance
For After Ride events - check all that would interest you
At The Hotel Out On The Town (or something like that)
Hang out in room chatting & drinking beer, ah, soda Movie Night Nightclubs/Dancing
Swimming Party Games / Cards Casino Gambling Local Museums or Galleries
Wrench Sessions Poker Night (Low Stakes) Bowling & Booze Shopping
Riding Skills Enhancement Sessions Laundry Night Pool Tournament
Drunken Room Trashing Dealership Cycle Shop VisitsSeriously Heavy Dive Drinking
Finishing Up The Survey With Your Comments & Info - Then Submitting
Past Motorcycle Rally Experiences
What did you LIKE most from previous rallys and tours you've attended:

What did you NOT LIKE about previous rallys and tours you've attended:

Here is a chance to leave us comments about group rides (or anything)

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