June 2007  

June 25th - 29th, 2007
June 24th and 30th are travel days
Ride gathering/meeting the evening June 24th

Ride Info Page Was Updated on June 10, 2007

Sunday & Monday Meet-up Points and Details
Sunday Meet & Greet - June 24th at 7pm until ... map
    Mikes Pizza & Ribs
    14721 Mono Way
    Sonora, CA 95730
Half a mile up 108 (east) from the hotel, right side of road
Pizza, Ribs, Burgers, Sandwiches, Salad Bar, etc

Monday Morning Breakfast (opt) - June 25th - 8am to 8:55am map
    Pine Tree Restaurant
    19601 Hess Ave    (cross street is Mono Way)

    Sonora CA 95370
Turn right from hotel, left at the first stoplight, left into the Best Western parking lot
Standard resaurant breakfast food.

Monday Morning Ride Starts - June 25th at 9am (SHARP) map
    Aladdin Motor Inn - PARKING LOT
    14260 Mono Way

    Sonora, CA 95370
    (800) 696-3969
Please be ready with a full tank.

We're pushing 20 riders confirmed with hotel bookings at this point. And at least some of those probablys & maybes will turn into attendees. Some riders will join us mid-week. Currently there are confirmed riders joining us from: Bay Area, Central Valley, NorCal, Canada, Washington, LA/OC, San Diego, the Mojave Area, Nevada and more...

Virtual Wrench Session
We didn't want to actually wrench on the bikes in the middle of a rally. So we've decided to try a virtual wrench session. We'll discuss in detail some mods and fixes. This is a chance to see completed results and get tips and hints from the people that completed them. We'd also like to have some product and road reviews. If you have a mod, fix, product or other motorcycle related topic you would like to present or discuss at the virtual wrench session, bring it on. (scheduled for Monday evening)

The Activities
Meet & Greet - Virtual Wrench Session - Gold Rush Honda Dealership (Sonora) - Black Oak Casino - Glacier Point - Columbia State Park - Big Trees State Park - Pool Party - Tahoe Casinos - Big Valley Honda Dealership - Virginia City - Mel's in Jackson - Awards Dinner - along with 5 of the most killer mountain passes in the west and the country's most majestic national park.

Complete Location, Routes, Lodging, Meals & Events

California's Sierra Mountains provide some of the best riding routes and most beautiful scenery, all on the same roads! We'll hit 5 of the highest, most exciting passes the west has to offer. And we'll throw in a breath-taking tour of our nations best National Park, Yosemite. The event style is a "Combo". This summer's ride will have two base camps over the 5 days of riding.
We've started posting the particulars about the ride, you can review them at www.westcoastmagnas.com/events/sierras.

Will you be joining us on this ride? YES MAYBE NO

5 Passes & a Park Ride Sponsors

Cycle-istiC Products
Email Cycle-istiC

Gold Rush Honda
Email Gold Rush
14301 Mono Way
Sonora CA

MOOTMag #5 on June 13 -- June 17, 2007
It starts in just 3 days. But I bet they'll still let you join them for this exciting rally. Magna Owners of Texas will is holding its 5th Meet and Greet (MOOTMag) this week, starting on June 13th an running through the 17th. This ride is in the Texas Hill country with amazing scenery and awesome roads. For complete details, www.magnaownersoftexas.org

Detailed MOOTMag #5 Information

YoGeorge2's Route 66 Adventure
Last I heard from YoGeorge2, he was in Chicago waiting for the actual Route 66 portion of his ride to begin. He should be somewhere on it's rural roads right now. I'm sure he'll share his adventure in words and photos with us when he gets back. Here's one he sent to WCM

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