May 2007  

The World Famous
Highway 1
PCH Along California's
Awe Inspiring Central Coast
& Coastal Mountains
Held April 28 - 29, 2007

Ride Report, Photos & Videos

WCM 5 Day Summer Ride
June 25th - 29th, 2007
June 24th and 30th are travel days
Ride gathering/meeting the evening June 24th

Ride Info Page Was Updated on May 7, 2007

We currently have 13 riders with hotel bookings. There is also that many probablies in the wings, waiting to commit. There are even some maybes out there. It's time to commit! We have confirmed riders from Bay Area, Central Valley, NorCal, Canada, LA/OC, San Diego, the Mojave Area, Nevada and more... And More Confirm Every Week
Location, Routes, Lodging, Meals & Events

California's Sierra Mountains provide some of the best riding routes and most beautiful scenery, all on the same roads! We'll hit 5 of the highest, most exciting passes the west has to offer. And we'll throw in a breath-taking tour of our nations best National Park, Yosemite. The event style is a "Combo". This summer's ride will have two base camps over the 5 days of riding.
We've started posting the particulars about the ride, you can review them at www.westcoastmagnas.com/events/sierras.

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CruiserCustomizing.com Is Having An Open House - May 12th
Everyone has heard of CruiserCustomizing.com. I bet most of us have a profile and some purchases with them. They are having their Annual Open House from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, May 12th. There will be food, music, photography & prizes! Have your picture taken on your bike, eat some delicious salad and burgers. And meet other Crusier Customizing Members at the event of the year.

CruiserCustomizing.com Show Room
4671 Las Positas Rd, Bldg C
Livermore, CA 94551

MOOTMag #5 on June 13 -- June 17, 2007
Magna Owners of Texas will be holding its 5th Meet and Greet (MOOTMag) this summer on June 13th - 17th. Wednesday June 13th and Sunday June 17th will be for travel days to and from the event. This ride is in the Texas Hill country with amazing scenery and awesome roads. For complete details, www.magnaownersoftexas.org

Detailed MOOTMag #5 Information

The Legend - Route 66 & much more
YoGeorge2 of the "Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Trials" ride is working up a truly cool ride. And he's looking for riders that may want to join him.

May 26, 2007 to June 17, 2007
San Francisco to New York, then NY to Chicago and then Chicago to Santa Monica, CA via the world famous Route 66.

If you can make this ride, it should be the coolest. You can get more info from the man himself by emailing him at ride at okbehappy dot com

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