January 2007  

Reserve Some Time This Summer To Ride Your Magna!
Everyone is trying to give you plenty of time to schedule and plan for the rides.

WCM 5 Day Summer Ride
"This Ride Is Not Yet Named - BUT IT'S GOT DATES"
June 25th - 29th, 2007
June 24 and 30 are travel days. Recommended ride meeting evening June 24

We're working on a 5 day ride for this summer. Dobie (Magniac) has stepped up to be our Ridemaster. Will it be a Rally? A Tour? A Combo? Stop back in and see. We'll be updating the particulars soon.
Location & Routes: Check West Coast Magnas often
Lodging, Meals & Events: Check West Coast Magnas often
Other Information: Check West Coast Magnas often
Check The Past Events: 2004 2005 2006

MOOTMag #5 on June 13 -- June 17, 2007
Magna Owners of Texas will be holding its 5th Meet and Greet (MOOTMag) this summer on June 13th - 17th. Wednesday June 13th and Sunday June 17th will be for travel days to and from the event. MOOTMAG #5 will be headquartered out of The Koyote Ranch, Medina, Texas. There will be accomodations for those that prefer camping and those that prefer solid roofs. This ride is in the Texas Hill country with amazing scenery and awesome roads. For complete details go to the MOOT Site, www.magnaownersoftexas.org

Detailed MOOTMag #5 Information

The Legend - Route 66 & much more
YoGeorge2 of the "Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Trials" ride is working up a truly cool ride. And he's looking for riders that may want to join him.

May 26, 2007 to June 17, 2007
San Francisco to New York, then NY to Chicago and then Chicago to Santa Monica, CA via the world famous Route 66. The Route 66 portion begins on June 9th and is in association with Mother Road Rally. YoGeorge2 will provide routes & maps about the CA to NY to IL portions on his site at www.okbehappy.com/route66/.

If you can make this ride, it should be the coolest. You can get more info from the man himself by emailing him at ride at okbehappy dot com

Clearlake Ride Report and Photos!
The WCM Clearlake ride was a great time for all. Our small group saw some beautiful parts of California, enjoyed awesome roads, ate to much good food, all won while gambling and had a smashing time telling wild stories. You should have been there. But you can still do the next best thing:
Read the Ride Report
View The Ride Photos

Don't Forget About Past Rides
If you haven't reviewed any of the reports or photos from past rides try there links:
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Even More WCM Group Rides For 2007
We've begun to talk about group rides, events and adventures for 2007. We're always open to suggestions and ideas as well as searching for members willing to host or plan something. If you want to volunteer or propose and idea, just email us at magna@kewpro.com

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