October 2006  

Northern Cali Weekend Ride - Crossing Bays, Deltas and Lakes
Made with Bay Area & Sacramento Magna Riders in mind.
October 7th & 8th, 2006

Routes, Maps, Lodging, Meetup Times & Places
and the Proposed Intinerary are NOW POSTED


A two day tour of the Delta, Rivers and Lakes in the Bay Area, Sac., Napa & Lake Counties

Day 1:We'll start out in the East Bay. Charge through the Delta, up the river to Sacramento to hook up with riders from there. Then we'll run cruise down to Napa for some lunch and libation. Heading north through sweeps and twisties, we'll overnight at Clearlake.

Day 2: will be a tour of the lake perimiter & a run through some nice mountain roads. We'll finish up for a late lunch at Cache Creek Indian Casino were we can eat, watch football or even gamble. We'll head back from there.

Lodging: Travelodge - 1 Night
Routes: Maps & Descriptions
Ride Level: Intermediate & up (Two Ups Okay)
Ride Type: Sweeps and Twisties with scenic and interest stops. (Some freeway)
Meet Up Points & Times: Details

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