July 2005  

Ride Map The Forgotten Highway Expedition - A WCM Ride
July 18 - July 22, 2005, A Coast to Sierras, Northern California Tour
Route Maps & Lodging Information Are Posted
The tour will start on Monday morning, July 18th, along California's central coast near Monterey. We'll travel along the coastline into San Francisco, see a few sites like Golden Gate Park & Lombard street, then cruise over the famed Golden Gate Bridge into Marin. On day 2, we'll be running north on Hwy 1 up the beautiful California twistie coastline to Humbolt Bay. Day 3 we venture in to the coastal mountains and cross over to the stately snow covered M.Shasta. Day 4 we continue crossing the northern interior on scenic backroads reaching into the Sierras and old west gold country. Day 5 finds us dropping out of the mountains for some travel through Lassen National Park (10k ft), high chapparal and scrub desert. On to the final stop, dinner in Reno.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

This tour is about the riding. We'll be on our motorcycles 6 hours per day (give or take an hour). We'll make plenty of stops for tourist stuff and food too, so plan for a 9 to 10 hours a day between motels. You will be traveling from city to city for a new adventure every day! Remember that you must bring everything with you every day for the whole trip, so pack accordingly. You can get more info by clickng here.

You're welcome to join up for any portion of the trip. Start any day, end any day. You can even hook up in the middle of any route. Contact us about exact routes and estimated times and we can watch for you.

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Day 1:Monterey -- Day 2:Sebastopol -- Day 3:Eureka -- Day 4:Weed -- Day 5:Susanville

Ever been to Death Valley?
We're thinking about crusin' through California's bad lands.
DV seems to be a top "wanna ride" for Magna pilots. Dates being discussed are at the end September or begining of October. Desert locals have told us that earlier than September can be miserably hot. Got to avoid those Indian summers. We're thinking a weekend ride. If you have opinions, comments or suggestions be sure to speak up!

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