February 2005  

Ride Map The Forgotten Highway Expedition
WCM's 6 Day, Coast to Sierras, Northern California Tour
You voted, we listened, it's scheduled. July 18 - July 23, 2005 are the official dates for our west coast rally exploring northern California. The tour will start on Monday morning, July 18th, along California's central coast at Monterey and will proceed up along the beautiful coastline. We'll have complete route, lodging and detailed information over the next few weeks. For now, you know the event dates. This is a tour and rather than a base camp type event, we will be traveling from city to city for a new adventure every day! If you're interested in more info click here.

The Meeting of the Magnas
The official MRA 2005 rally in Eureka Springs, Arkansas "Meeting of the Magnas" is gaining speed. The June 5th through 12th rally is a multi-group sponsored event; MRA, MOOT, SuperMagnas & riders frequenting MRF & MUFF. Their rally site is packed with important information including maps of scheduled rides: Pig Trail Ride, Mystic Caverns Ride & Roaring Rivers Ride. We hear rumors that over 50 Magnas riders have already indicated their plans to attend. Check it out!
Meeting Of The Magnas Web Site

The Brand, Model & Sizes Tire Survey
This is the first in a series of planned surveys at WCM. What is your favorite brand, model, and size of tires for your 3rd Gen Magna. We want get you input so we can compile the numbers and share the stats and comments with everyone. Please take a moment to do the survey. Or just check out the survey results.

Weekend Ride Information
We've had members contact us about both leading and attending some weekend rides throughout the primary region. If your interested and haven't clicked the links below, let us know. It will help us in the planning stages.
  + An Arizona weekend ride in April - I'm interested in [Leading] - [Attending]
  + A Washington weekend ride in May - I'm interested in [Leading] - [Attending]
  + An Oregon weekend ride in August - I'm interested in [Leading] - [Attending]
  + A North East CA / NV weekend ride in September - I'm interested in [Leading] - [Attending]
  + A Southern CA weekend ride in October - I'm interested in [Leading] - [Attending]
These are only examples, final events may be different. You can click & respond to more than one!

Quick Linking To Your WCM Profile
Many WCM members are frequent participants on online forums. We have had a bunch of requests for an easy linking method. So, in answer to our members her is:
Just replace YourScreenName with, well, your screen name. This will connect people directly to your WCM profile. It's good for forums, WCM invites, email signature lines, etc.

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