January 2005  

Pack Up Your Magna For A West Coast Riding Tour
We're working on a week long summer time ride for all Magna riders as well as WCM members. The routes are being roughed out as this is written and emailed, along with lodging, face stuffing and extracuricular activities. We defintiely want your input! The first thing we would like to know:
Which month would be the best for a WCM Magna West Coast Tour?
To vote, just click on the month you prefer.

Weekend Rides - Interested?
In addition to a group heading for "Meeting of the Magnas" and a WCM West Coast Tour week, we would like to get some regional rides set up. These can be 1 weekend day or two consecutive weekend days. WCM is looking for members that would be interested in leading a ride in their region. The local WCM member can choose the roads and ride lead cycle at the event, and WCM will support, promote and advertise the ride. How about:
  + An Arizona weekend ride in April - I'm interested in [Leading] - [Attending]
  + A Washington weekend ride in May - I'm interested in [Leading] - [Attending]
  + An Oregon weekend ride in August - I'm interested in [Leading] - [Attending]
  + A North East CA / NV weekend ride in September - I'm interested in [Leading] - [Attending]
  + A Southern CA weekend ride in October - I'm interested in [Leading] - [Attending]
These are only examples, final events may be different. You can click & respond to more than one!

The Meeting of the Magnas
Eureka Springs, Arkansas is the riding destination of choice for the MRA 2005 Rally happening June 5th through 12th. It will be a multi-group event called "Meeting of the Magnas"; MRA, MOOT, SuperMagnas & riders frequenting MRF & MUFF. There is a bunch of info on their rally site, including maps of scheduled rides: Pig Trail Ride, Mystic Caverns Ride & Roaring Rivers Ride. Check it out!
Meeting Of The Magnas Web Site

The MRF and the MUFF - Delphi Forums
It appears that things have settled down over at Delphi on the Magna forums; Magna Riders Forum (MRF) and Magna United Friends Forum (MUFF). It seems pretty much everyone is now playing nice and getting along. Many people are posting messages on both boards and each seems to be doing okay. These forums are a great place to talk Magna - and Delphi accounts are free. And forums are a great way to help you throuhg the long cold winter motorcycle withdrawls.

Tell Your Friends! (if you don't have any, then acquaintances)
Our rides and events can only get better by having more members and riders participating:
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