Happy Holidays
WCM would like to extend best wishes to everyone for a happy and safe holiday season. If you're out riding stay warm and cautious. If you put your Magna away for the winter season, happy dreams of riding.

If you need to get that last minute gift for your favorite Magna rider or someone always tells you, "you're impossible to find a gift for" try pointing them towards cool Magna accessories at www.Cycle-istic.com. I think they're even offering a holiday discount!

Sturgis Stopover Offer
Our own Grandpa Biker Dude was disappointed that there is not going to be a west coast MRA rally in 2005. And due to scheduling he can't make the trip to Arkansas. So he thought, "What about Sturgis in August?" Grandpa Biker Dude is now wondering if anyone might be interested to putting a Magna group together to attending Sturgis. He is a WCM member from Utah and is willing to host a stop over for Magna riders coming from the west coast. There is some great riding along a two or three day route from Utah to Sturgis. If anyone is interested, contact Grandpa Biker Dude directly or contact WCM.

MRF may close and the MUFF opens
The owner/moderator of the Magna Riders Forum (MRF) on Delphi has recently announced his intent to close down the popular and helpful forum. You can check out the forum itself if you are interested in his reasons. For now, you might want to jump over there to retrieve any info, help or contact information you might want before Scott closes it up for good. It will be sad to see it go (if it does).

The Magna United Friends Forum (MUFF) was recently opened on the Delphi forums for Magna enthusiasts. They are building the site with technical and anecdotal information and hope to grow rapidly into a Magna force on the web.

MRA 2005 Rally Information - "The Meeting of the Magnas"
The MRA has announced the Rally schedule for 2005! Eureka Springs, Arkansas is the riding destination of choice for the MRA 2005 Rally happening June 5th through 12th. It will be a multi-group event called "Meeting of the Magnas"; MRA, MOOT, SuperMagnas & riders frequenting MRF & MUFF.
Meeting Of The Magnas Web Site

We would like to get a group of west coasters to ride out to Arkansas and participate in the MRA's "Meeting of the Magnas". If you are interested in traveling out to the rally with us, drop us an email!

Petition Honda for a new Magna
A petition has been started to encourage Honda to bring back the Magna. If you would like to join this grass roots effort to petition for a 4th generation Honda Magna, this is the place HondaPetition.html. Be sure you mention the features and improvements you want: 6th gear, more fuel capacity, 1100cc, dual front all disc brakes and the other things that have been discussed endlessly. (From The People At MUFF)

COME ON MEMBERS - Know Of A Motorcycle Event/Ride?
The WCM event/ride database is operational. You can check out the listed events online at www.westcoastmagnas.com. If you are planning, attending or just know of a motorcycle event or ride, YOU CAN ADD IT to the WCM database (there's a link on the main member page) . All WCM members are looking for good rides and events. This database can be an awesome resource if we all use it and contribute to it.

WestCoastMagna Rides - Dreamin' of Spring
Spring of 2005 is coming, where do you want to ride?. Are there some cool roads and rides in your area? Tell us about them and maybe we can arrange an event there. Let's get the membership together. If you are willing to lead a ride/event in your area - we would like to know that too! Send your suggestion/comment!

Tell You Friends! (if you don't have any, then acquaintances)
Our rides and events can only get better by having more members and riders participating:
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    Tell your friends about WCM. It Will Make WCM Better.

  • Tell Us A Magna Story
    With winter arriving, many riders' motorcycling season is ending. Many of us will be going through withdrawals. In hopes of lessening the pain, WCM would like to post stories, articles and reviews to help see us all through to spring. Do you have a riding story? Do you have a tech tip? Do you have a product review? Please write them up (pics are a bonus!) and send them to us. We may publish them on the WCM site for everyone to enjoy. Submit them here

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