The Winner Is -- Wralker
Wralker from Riverside, CA was the winner of the Keith Code book, "A Twist of the Wrist Vol II: The Basics of High Performance Motorcycle Riding" in the "new" member signup giveaway drawing. Wralker, the book is in the mail. If you other WCM members haven't read it, we recommend it. It's about getting more speed for racing, but the techniques and theories apply just as well to the street. And Keith Code makes sure you can see why - simply.

The Julian Ride Review - Motorcycles, Hot Rods & Apple Pie
Our first WCM ride was a ton o' fun. Wish more of you could have made it!! The ride was in Palm Springs on October 9th. Hwy's 74 and 78 were awesome riding roads. Every Magna rider should make a trip to these twisties and sweeps. You can read about the trip and the roads at WCM in our ride report for Motorcycles, Hot Rods & Apple Pie. We'll let you know when the next WCM ride is coming up. A big thanks to MagnaGunn for leading this ride and his South CA hospitality.

Members Survey - The Results & The Primary Area
For those that voted, "Thanks for participating". Your opinions will help us build a better WCM. This is what you decided:
The Primary WCM Area as voted on by current Standard & Associate members:
     Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington & British Columbia
     BUT.... Everyone is still invited to be members, participate & ride!

You rated the "proposed" features in this order of "importance"
     1) Rides Database - any easy way to invite members for rides
     2) Product Database & Reviews - places to get it, prices and reviews
     3) Modifications & Tips - how to improve an already great ride
     4) Road Reviews - where WCM members like to ride, with reviews
     5) Classified Ads - selling it? wanting it? You know - Classifieds

MRA 2005 Rally Information - "The Meeting of the Magnas"
The MRA has announced the Rally schedule for 2005! Eureka Springs, Arkansas is the riding destination of choice for the MRA 2005 Rally happening June 5th through 12th. It will be a multi-group event called "Meeting of the Magnas"; MRA, MOOT, SuperMagnas & riders frequenting MRF. Unfortunately, due to lack of hosting interest, there is only one rally this coming year. WCM will do our best to arrange some shorter events closer to the West half. Click here for additional info.

We would like to get a group of west coasters to ride out to Arkansas and participate in the MRA's "Meeting of the Magnas". If you are interested in traveling out to the rally with us, drop us an email!

Online Events Database - Do You Know Of Any Events??
The WCM event/ride database is operational. You can check out the listed events online at www.westcoastmagnas.com. If you are planning, attending or just know of a motorcycle event or ride, YOU CAN ADD IT to the WCM database (there's a link on the main member page) . All WCM members are looking for good rides and events. This database can be an awesome resource if we all use it and contribute to it.

Spring WestCoastMagna Rides - suggestions?
We're considering and planning rides for the early Spring of 2005. In the works is a possible 2 day Death Valley / gambling tour; and a northern CA Coastal cruise. We're are open to other suggestions. Are there some cool roads and rides in your area? Tell us about them and maybe we can arrange an event there. If you are willing to lead a ride/event in your area - we would like to know that too! Send your suggestion/comment!

Looking For More Good Magna Riders
Our rides and events can only get better by having more members.
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  • Tell Us Your Story
    With winter arriving, many riders' motorcycling season is ending. Many of us will be going through withdrawls. In hopes of lessening the pain, WCM would like to post stories, articles and reviews to help see us all through to spring. Do you have a riding story? Do you have a tech tip? Do you have a product review? Please write them up (pics are a bonus!) and send them to us. We may publish them on the WCM site for everyone to enjoy. Submit them here

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