Welcome to West Coast Magnas & Our First Newsletter
WestCoastMagnas is brand new. Which means all the members are brand new. Welcome to all of us. We all hope this is the start of something fun and useful. Participation is the key. All contributions in all forms are welcome. This first newsletter is just one more step in the growth of WCM.

Motorcycles, Hot Rods & Apple Pie - Our first event
This is the first promoted event for WCM. It will be starting in Palm Springs on October 9th. If you can make it - FABULOUS. It you can't - there will be more chances. This event combines a good ride with a chance to hang out and get to know each other. For more info about the ride or the after-ride events, check out the WCM Motorcycles, Hot Rods & Apple Pie Flyer. You're invited, be there if you can!

Members Survey - We Want Your Opinion
WCM is working to produce the best web site and club possible. It's important that members let WCM know what they want and expect. Member participation and input will result in member satisfaction. Please take just 2 minutes and complete the Online Members Survery. Thanks! (ends Oct. 3)

Please Tell Your Friends
The more riders involved in WCM, the better the rides and events. The more riders involved in WCM, the more contributors of reviews and articles.The more riders involved in WCM, the greater the possibility of localized events. The more riders involved in WCM, the enhanced level of technical input.
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    Tell your friends about WCM. It Will Make WCM Better.

  • Some Member Stats
    Just some basic info based on the current membership:

    Members consider there riding skill to be:
    Novice Intermediate Expert % Responding
    13.9% 72.2% 13.9% 87.8%
    Members riding preference:
    Easy / Many Stops Crusing / Med. Stops Fast / Few Stops % Responding
    20.0% 74.3% 5.7% 85.6%
    Not every member answered these questions resulting in the % responding

    More Photos!!!!
    We want to see your ride. If you didn't add a photo when you joined up - how 'bout doing it NOW! You can upload an image or just link to one. Easy. Do it Here

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