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Overall Ride Statistics

Final Acctual Route: Route Map -- MS Streets & Trips File
Total Ride Miles: 1282 Miles
Minimum Daily Riders: 2
Maximum Daily Riders: 10
Motorcycles: 7 - 3rd Gens, 1 - V65, 1 Goldwing, 1 Goldwing Trike

Keith Williams PokeyV65 Modesto, CA 2003 Magna
Dobie Gillum Magniac Placerville, CA 1994 Magna
Val Gillum Placerville, CA Goldwing Trike
Debbie Flanders BlackMagic Canada 2001 Magna
Ian Flanders Ian Canada Goldwing
Walt Weiskopf Twodawgzz Pacific Palisades, CA 2002 Magna
Peter Hartshorn Raider Boy Bay Area, CA 1984 Magna V65
Brad Warwick Magnanimous/ Beerme Elko, NV 2002 Magna
Pat Kenefick CoachPK San Anselmo, CA 1999 Magna
Robert Stilwell Magilla Oregon 1996 Magna

Individual Reports & Summarys
Keith Williams - PokeyV65
I would like to start by thanking all the attendess for an excellant experience. I'm so glad you joined up for this ride. All the riders are what made it a group adventure and a bunch of fun . . . MORE

Brad - Beerme / Magnanimous
While the main group of West Coast Magna riders was heading up Pacific Coast Highway from Monterey, CA on Day 1, I took a leisurely cruise from Elko to Reno for free room & board at my folks’ house. Day two I joined up in Leggett . . .MORE

Peter - Raider Boy
I had really been looking forward to the Northern California adventure Keith had put together for the West Coast Magna group, especially after enjoying the ride we did last year with the MRA. . . . MORE

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Expedition Roads
HWY 101 & 1 - Monterey to San Francisco
A mix of freeway, 2 lane highway and sweeps. The roads are in excellant condition. The weekday trafic was very light. The central coast is very scenic and worth visiting.
HWY 1 - Golden Gate Bridge Northwards to Leggett
The perfect coastal road. Generally good road bed with some bumpy areas. A great mix of twisty areas, fast sweepers and lazy straights. The top end, going into Leggett is a fast run of twistys and tight sweepers with a ton of elevation changes that barrells through increasingly thick forest. Great roadbed. This stretch has some of everything. Excellant ride.
HWY 101 - Leggett to Eureka
4 lane freeway thorugh minor mountain elevation changes.
Mattole Road - Avenue of the Giants to the Lost Coast (211)
Wow. Just plain amazing. Massive redwoods towering above you on a bumpy 1.5 lane road. The sun can barely get through. It's like another world. As you climb to higher elevations the trees get smaller and less dense. But the road remains twisty with suprise switchbacks, sudden vertical climbs forcing you down 2 full gears, 1st gear hairpins. It finally drops into narrow valleys, with narrow bridges over wide rivers, in narrow towns. Someone hear a banjo? This is a low speed road with a few bad spots in cluding gravel. I wouldn't have missed it for a meal at Sizzler! It finanlly drops you on to 211 at the Lost Coast
Hwy 211 - The Lost Coast to Ferndale
Cool, cool cool. You feel so isolated. This lonely stretch of asphalt 50 yards off a windblown beach, with the surf crashing in. Fields of wild grasses, sand dunes, distant mountains, fence lines 60% buried in sand. The road is still in mediocre shape. But there is so much to take in, you don't mind a slow pace. Hwy 211 then climbs a massive hill, leaving you wondering if you can maintain traction. This proceeds to twist and turn through pretty, mountainous pasture lands on a tiny narrow road. Finally dropping you into the Victorian tourist village of Ferndale. Great fun. I would recommend Mattole/Hwy 211 to every rider that is lower intermediate and above. It's not a raceway - but it's worth the cruise
Hwy 36 - Eureka to Hwy 3 Junction
Eeehaw. Woohoo. Now thats a road. Excellent road bed and smooth asphalt. Light traffic. Twists and sweeps with fun elevation changes that seemed created specifically for fast motorcycle riding. There are a few narrow spots and some cliff runs to get your adrenaline up. It pulls into a huge triangular intersection in the middle of nowhere at the junction with Hwy 3. Kinda weird. Keep in mind there is a lot of fuel available on this road, Dinsmore and Mad River have some.
Hwy 3 - Hwy 36 to Gazelle Rd
It continues to climb in elevation. The forest gets thinner, some small towns, rivers and lakes begin to appear just off the road. The road quality stays great with more sweeps and twists. This section has more traffic than Hwy 36.
Gazelle Rd - Hwy 3 to Weed
Smooths out at a high elevation, and runs fairly straight through ag land. Some pretty views while you cruise along. Lots of rivers and water. A very lonely stretch, with our first look at Mt. Shasta.
Hwy 89 - Weed to Hwy 299 Junction
Broad two lane road with 65 MPH limit. Lots of long straights mixed with some fast sweepers. Asphalt is top notch.
Hwy 299 - Hwy 89 to Alturas (Hwy 395)Junction
It starts with sweepers as part of a uphill climb. When you reach the top it straightens out to a 65 MPH crusie through large ranchs. Lots of open space and ag. Road is good.
Hwy 395 - Alturas to Termo
Yawn. Wide, long and straight. We got sleepy and needed a nap in Termo.
Termo Grasshopper Road - Termo to Hwy 139
An easy, lonely backroads cruise on ok roadway
Hwy 139 - into Susanville
Wide easy two lane with a few good sweeps passing through near desert scrub land. Passes right along the shoreline of Eagle Lake. Great condition with light traffic.
Hwy 44 - Susanville to Hwy 89
Wide easy two lane (some construction) with a few good sweeps. It's moving you back into forest areas. Great condition with medium traffic.
Hwy 89 - Old Station to Lassen National Park
Back to mountain sweeps with some twists thrown in. Scenic roadway in good condition.
Hwy 89 - Inside Lassen National Park
Beautiful scenery. Considerate drivers. Lots of fun twists and sweeps, with many riding along steep drops. Drawback is Federal parkland speed limits - Max of 45 with many areas posted 35 MPH. NP's are often tough on speeders. Accelerate at your own risk. Good road conditions with a few rocks on roadway. (See videos)
Hwy 89 - LNP to Hwy 70 Junction
Wonderful mountain descent. A mix of forested twisties, open scenic meadows and river hugging sweeps. Lots of small towns and communities.
Hwy 70 & 395 - Hwy to Reno
The road stays wide and in good condition. Traffic is definitely picking up and the sweeps quickly give way to long straights and open spaces. It finishes up as major freeway into Reno.

Goodnite Inn Rohnert Park Clean and highway close quiet
Econolodge Eureka A dirty dump in a mediocre town
Hi-Lo Motel Weed Clean, quiet and pleaseant with a great view
Susanville Inn Susanville Clean rooms, nice people
Roadway Inn Reno, NV Kind of dirty and noisy - but okay

Outback Rohnert Park Big tasty portions - standard Outback
Black Bear Cafes Rohnet, Alturas & Susanville All clean, pleasent and tasty
Perkos Fort Bragg Standard coffee shop
Burger King Eureka Whatever
Hi-Lo Cafe Weed Awesome dinner, dessert and breakfast
Harts Diner Susanville I heard it was a good breakfast
Childs Meadow Cafe Childs Meadow Great food, fun cook, nice folks
Andiamo's Hilton Reno Casino Good food, terrible service

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