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The World Famous
Highway 1
PCH Along California's
Awe Inspiring Central Coast
& Coastal Mountains

April 28 - 29, 2007

All Generations of Honda Magnas are welcome
and friends with other Cruisers, Sports, Tourers, Trikes, Two-Ups

Always Ride Your Own Ride At Your Own Pace
The general experience level of the ride will be for Intermediate riders and will be Cruising with scenery stops. This trip will have more stops than usual bescause the route is so cool and there is so much to see and admire. Most routes will be two lane roads that include sweeps and intermediate twisties.

Basic Ride Information

Proposed Ride Routes The Where
The World Famous stretch of PCH along California's Central Coast & the nearby Coastal Mountians: We'll start in the beautiful deep, lush redwoods just north of Santa Cruz. Once we're at the coast we'll see tons of cool places, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel, Andrew Moreal SP, Pfeiffer SP, Julia Pfeiffer SP, Big Sur San Simeon, Morro Bay,
Montana De Oro SP, Paso Robles, Lake Nacimiento, secluded Carmel Valley, Hecker Pass, and on and on... From lush redwood forests, to breathtaking coastlines, to oak strewn hills, to grass covered valleys...

The When
     April 28 & 29, 2007
Meet up Is 8:30am for breakfast at: (ride meeting at 9:30am)
The Diner of Los Gatos
235 Los Gatos Saratoga Rd. (Hwy 9)
Los Gatos, CA

Map (a Chevron & Shell within 1 block)

The Weather
Be prepared for lows of 60 and highs of 85 - but figure 70 to 80. Mist is possible.
Los Gatos
Morro Bay

The Lodging
BOOK IT NOW - you can always cancel it later
The inexpensive rooms will be booked up by first week of April
Ascot Inn
845 Morro Ave.
Morro Bay, CA 93442
(800) 540-2570
Do not book online
call Meriah for best rate

Book Saturday Night April 28, 2007

(Do not book Ascot Suites they are different place)

$45 Single Queen Rate - This is an amazing price for Morro Bay on a spring weekend

As Of 3/24/07 - there is 1 - $45 dollar room left

Call 1-800-540-2570 and ask for Meriah and tell her you're with Magna Riders and she'll get you the best rate possible. She'll give you good rates if you want to upgrade your room too, just ask her.
You cannot book this online! Online shows no rooms available - you must call Meriah.

The Riders
Looks like we've got a minimum of 10 riders, and there's still a bunch of maybes in the wings!!

The Intinerary
(Intineraries may change slightly based on attendees wishes & wants)
April-288:30amMeet & Greet Breakfast
The Diner of Los Gatos
235 Los Gatos Saratoga Rd. (Hwy 9)
Los Gatos, CA
9:30amRide Rules & Safety Meeting (required)
9:35amThe South Bound Leg - Start ride
1:00pm-ishLunch Somewhere Pretty
7:47pmSunset at Montana De Oro SP
April-298:00amGroup Breakfast in Morro Bay
9:00amThe North Bound Leg - Start Back
12:30pm-ishLunch Somewhere Remote
6:00pmArrive back at the South Bay start point (or close)

The Proposed Rides & Maps
(Routes & Daily Intineraries may change slightly based on attendees wishes & wants)

Day 1 - April 28 - Highway 1 Southbound
This will be a fairly sedate ride with lots of stops.
Leave the South Bay crossing the redwood infested coastal mountain twisites above Santa Cruz (Hwy 35 & 9), busy coast with a cruise through Monterey, Carmel, Andrew Morela SP, Pfeiffer Big Sur SP, Big Sur, The SP list goes on then on to Morro Bay, and sunset at Montana De Oro SP.
Driving distance: 230 miles
Driving time: 5 hours, 30 minutes (But we'll take our time with lots of stops)
Cost: $19
End Of Day Lodging: Ascot Inn, Morro Bay, CA
Streets & Trips File (2006)

Day 2 - April 29 - Coastal Mountains Ridges & Valleys - Northbound
We'll leave the coast line and move on up into the hills. Up some back roads to get to Paso Robles where we'll jump onto Nacimiento Road (G14) which runs along the edges of Fort Hunter Liggett Miltary Reserve along lonely sweeps and light twists. Then we'll run along the incredibly secluded Carmel Valley Rd. back into "civilzation". We'll avoid major freeways by zig-zagging up to Watsonville where we'll cross Hecker Pass (Hwy 152). We'll finish up on some backroads into Los Gatos (probably) - at least as back road as you can get in San Jose.
Driving distance: 234 miles
Driving time: 6 hours, 30 minutes
Cost: $19
Streets & Trips File (2006)

* What Will This Whole Trip Cost?
We do not charge a "tour fee". Your costs are only your expenses.
Foodfigure $35 per day
Fuel$20 per day ( See estimates for each leg of the ride above)
LodgingSingle Occupancy: $45
MiscPossible state park fee ($4-$8) good in all parks for 1 day
IncidentalsTours, Shopping, Beer, Mototrcycle Gear, SP Fees, etc.

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